Rock ‘n’ Roll Fifties Party

Thank you very much” – yes another dress up party but add fun with dance, sing or mime competition.  There is plenty of music available as MP3 and your phone or tablet can do  a pretty good job as a karaoke.   Of course for the purist vinyl is still the way to play but some of those old records may be becoming collectable so take care.

Decorate with balloons and streamers ( do you remember what they are ) – there are countless party supplies who cater for rock ‘n’ roll 50’s parties.   Food ideas –  serve milk shakes or hot chocolate.   You might want rum cocktails in martini glasses – drinks like Pimms’ No 1 Cup are still available or even VAT 69


Make sure you have a guitar or two and a good idea to open tune just about anyone can play 12 bar blues on open tuning ie: open strum then finger across 5th fret and then 7th fret.   Obviously you have to have best Elvis impersonator but don’t forget Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry or Cliff Richard.

Set up the dance floor and offer prizes for best dancers, singers and costume.   Now where did I leave my Blue Suede Shoes?

Juke Box for Rock n Roll