Pizza Party

Having a pizza based birthday party is great fun for kids of all ages. They love creating their own pizza – obviously adult supervision is required around the oven.  You don’t need to have a pizza oven – although it does add some extra style and flavour.  If you only have an electric of gas over buy yourself a pizza stone – these work great but make sure you put the stone into the oven and get the heat happening for at least 30 minutes before hand.

Make your pizza sauce and again not expensive – heat onion, garlic, basil add red wine – chopped tomatoes and tomato paste … I could give you my secret extra ingredient but then I’d have to kill you.

Pizza dough is so easy and cheap to make and kids are always amazed at how it grows by itself. In fact get them to watch the yeast explode into life – it is amazing.  You don’t need expensive toppings – just a good variety of healthy food.  You can set this up outdoors and that will save a lot of cleaning up – but keep the dog locked up unless you want an expensive vet bill.

Pizza Party Yum pizza party