Strictly Come Dance Party

Dress up in your best outfits and come along to your own  Strictly Ballroom Dance Party.


Give everyone a few weeks notice so they can match up with a partner and get some practice – get them to nominate their dance of choice for the night.  Then let the fun begin.  You can download  a lot of free dance music as mp3  or midi files – but encourage all of the guests to bring their own music files and that way they can edit the files and rehearse.

Add to the fun by nominating 2 judges from the rest party group  ( choose a different group of judges for each performance or maybe a set of perfomances). The judges  have to critique each participant and award points.

After the individual performances you then have a dance off with everyone on the floor and two judges tap the rejects on the shoulder until only one couple remains and are pronounced winners.   Could be very interesting when the performances are following a large meal with lots of wine. … on second thoughts that might not be a good idea.

LED music synced lighting is pretty low cost just google or search eBay for LED disco lights.  There are plenty of ideas for building portable or temporary dance floors on youtube – if you want to get really fancy check out this LED lit floor // .

Teens and younger adults may prefer a more contemporary dance party… but then again they may find ballroom inspiring.