Cowboys and Indians Birthday Party

A classic dress up party for old and young.  It’s becoming difficult to find traditional cow boy suits for kids in the big shops – it’s all Star Wars and Turtles now a days.  However it isn’t difficult to put something together with old jeans, a bandanna and waist coat.  Keep in mind that the six gun is not really necessary as most cowboys didn’t carry revolvers – and those that did had to hand them over before they could enter most towns.   Even the ‘cowboy’ hat is a Hollywood fabrication as most wore a Derby or even Bowler type hats.

You can hire a bucking machine but make sure you have plenty of padding and insurance.bucking bull  Or keep it simple with  a game of Horseshoes  – old shoes are easy and cheap (if not free) to come by even in the city – lookup farrier.    Have a roping competition ( tie up your husband) and /or a lariat  throwing game – using a Pole as the target would be best, but Scots make a good substitute 😉

Create a bar room with honky-tonk piano in the background.  Ladies have lots of scope to dress as cow girls, Indian maids or bar girls while guys can dress as wranglers, sheriffs or gamblers.  Fun for all.